Youth Morocco : First awareness-raising activity on the harm of illegal immigration in Africa

Illegal immigration forces people to resort to random and dangerous transport solutions and to pay smugglers several thousand euros for their passage. Many young Africans leave their country of origin in search of well-being. Many times not everything goes as planned and these young Africans become illegal immigrants.

Youth Institution says no to this exodus which empties our continent of its brave workers and forces them to live in perilous conditions. Our desire to impact young people and take them to change their mentality does not leave us on the margins of this growing scourge. We support and believe that Eldorado is also here in Africa.

It is therefore with this in mind that on Sunday February 24, 2019, the first Youth Institution For Education Morocco activity on awareness against illegal immigration in Morocco was held in karma, a neighborhood of Rabat. The entire Youth team from Morocco participated in this event, targeting an unspeakable number of migrants.

The objective of this mission was mainly to reach out to the people concerned (migrants) in order to draw their attention to the risks they run by using this route to reach Europe, all this in an atmosphere of mutual trust. They received each, in addition to advice, a meal, clothes, and shoes.

It was with joy, common satisfaction and above all filled with hope that everyone took leave of each other. This event, we note, was unexpectedly successful and we owe it to the whole Youth Morocco team, which went to great lengths to win this fight. Congratulations to everybody!!

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