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New year, new start! On Saturday 25 January, the Youth Institution association invited the media to a press conference to present its assessment of the past year as well as the perspectives for the pivotal year 2020. The Carrefour Siloé bookshop in Cocody Saint Jean hosted this press conference.

Before talking about the balance sheet, it should be remembered that Youth Institution is a non-political, non-profit youth organization that works for the social and educational well-being of the youngest, as well as for the awakening of youth consciences in view of a change of mentality at all levels. It exists in several countries around the world (France, USA, Canada, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, ...). Youth Institution was created in 2018 in Côte d'Ivoire.

In its quest to give Africa a new image through an active youth, several actions have been carried out in favour of poor populations and toddlers.

We can mention among others the visits and donations to leprosy patients of the Raoul Follereau Institute in Adzopé in June 2018. In the month of August that followed, Youth Institution made a visit to the juvenile prison in Dabou to give donations and raise awareness about the change of mentality. There is also this awareness day on the dangers of illegal immigration to Morocco in February 2019 and more recently, free consultations in general medicine offered to more than 300 children in Abidjan. Without forgetting the distribution of school kits in several cities and regions of the country. For example, Life Magazine was able to attend one of these activities in the locality of Djougbossou.

In less than two years, all these activities have contributed to the reputation of this association of young volunteers.

For this year 2020, Youth Institution will continue its activities in the field of health and education. Emphasis will also be placed on peace and social cohesion in our country which is entering an election year. And when we know how sensitive these periods are in our tropics... "We want to show a completely different face of the young African, the one who is not manipulated for political ambitions of ill-intentioned gurus, but rather the one who has development and peace in his community as a priority", confides Franck Goze, founder and leader of Youth Institution Côte d'Ivoire. During the press briefing, he revealed, for example, that the association was confronted with this kind of problem in 2018 during the municipal elections when a candidate had wished to do recovery on one of their activities in the interior of the country.

He also requested and solicited the support of the media to also work towards peace-building. Youth Institution, a giver of hope, remains open to all those who wish to join these noble actions. Life Magazine, mirror of society, will actively participate in the next Youth Institution days and campaigns. Join us.

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